Pinterest Inspiration #2: Curwen Hand Signs

My second Pinterest Inspiration comes from an awesome blog called Music with Mrs. Dennis – you will be seeing that name a lot in this Pinterest series because she has TONS of great resources, ideas, and printables!

Last year was my first in elementary music, and I introduced the kids to the Curwen hand signs. They loved them and even used them without being asked! In order to give them a visual, I bought these posters (and they weren’t that cheap!) and put them up on a cabinet that had some empty space. Because each hand sign is the size of a regular sheet of paper, they took up a lot of space – space I didn’t have in a central part of the room. This year, I wanted to have something that kids could all reference without having to turn completely around in their seats.

That’s where Music with Mrs. Dennis came in! She posted about her need for new hand signs and created some fabulous printables to go with them – lucky us! There are two versions: one with the names of the signs on them, and one without. I wound up printing both and will use them with different grades.

Hand signs2

I used my hot glue gun to attach some round magnets to the back, and they are displayed at the front of the room on my white board!

Hand signs1

If you would like these wonderful Curwen hand signs in your classroom, click through to the Music with Mrs. Dennis post and download her free printables!

What has been your favorite Pinterest discovery this school year? Share your finds in the comments below!


2 responses

  1. Yes. This is the coolest thing I have seen on pinterest in a long time! Love it! And seriously love that blog – genius!

  2. I’m so glad you both found my blog helpful. I spend lots of time typing and formatting pictures and often wonder if it is a waste of my time. But, I enjoy blogging and sharing ideas. I would feel successful in this profession if it weren’t for other generous teacher sharing their ideas as well. I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest and blogging. Often throughout the school year, I feel so lonely and isolated. I am the only arts specialist in my school and sometimes feel like no one really understands what I do or why it benefits the kids. I often communicate with other elementary music teachers in the county, but now the internet has expanded my professional network. I love peeking into classrooms across the world and finding something in common with complete strangers across the world. I love swapping ideas with my new virtual colleagues. 🙂 I am still trying to find a way to convince the school board that we should get professional development credit for our time on Pinterest. If I am ever successful, I will certainly let you know 🙂

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